This post is my solution walkthrough for the Acloud Guru challenge to build an event driven ETL process. The challenge details can be found Here. I really like going through and solving these challenges since these give me a scope to learn so many things which are involved in completing the challenge. In this post I will describe my approach to the challenge and walk through step by step about deploying the solution. Hopefully this will help others get some pointers for the challenge and learn few things.

More details can be found here:

Recently I started reading about Chatops and it really intrigued me to learn more about it. It really fascinated me to see how easy it is now to setup alerting and be notified about operational stuff. While I was learning more, I thought why not explore the same on AWS and thats when I bumped onto AWS Chatbot.

In this post I will go through the basics of this AWS managed service called ‘Chatbot’ and demonstrate how quickly you can setup an alerting mechanism to Slack, monitoring an AWS Glue ETL job.

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Recently I started reading about AWS Amplify and found it very interesting. I was very impressed to see how easily one can deploy a full stack React app (supports more frameworks) using the Amplify framework. So I started learning about it more and how it can be leveraged in real life scenarios.

This post is from my initial learning of the basic framework. The framework itself is vast and lots of options to explore. I took a part of the framework which will enable you to quickly stand up a React app if you want to use Amplify.

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In this post I try to explain what I learnt about the various ways to deploy Lambda functions. Hopefully this will help someone else who is starting to learn the wonderful Lambda functions. On a high level these are the ways which I will go through here and I found easier to deploy a Lambda function:

- Using Serverless Framework
- Deploy Lambda functions from Docker images
- Using SAM (Serverless Application Model) templates and Lambda Layers
- Using Terraform

More Details here:

This is my version of the #CloudGuruChallenge. The whole post can be found below.

This post describes about how I built a Movie recommender system (similar to Netflix). I built this system in response to the Cloud Challenge from Acloudguru (Here). But then I thought why not have an end to end implementation of the system along with a Web app and a CI/CD deployment process to deploy the Machine learning model. Hopefully I will be able to help someone learn the concepts and fulfill the challenge requirements too. This is my first attempt on building something based on Machine learning so I apologize if there are some gaps in my understanding of the algorithms and how its executed. I write about other cloud related topics Here .

The whole post is below:

Amlan Chakladar

Cloud architect and DevOps engineer. Love to code and develop new stuff. A nerd by nature.

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