A Zoom bot for a CRM application using AWS Lambda and Deployed via Jenkins

Recently Zoom has become very popular with many companies as a go-to means for communications. During the Covid period this year, Zoom has become a primary communication mode as many companies switched to remote work. Since Zoom is already an integrated part of the companies now, I thought why not integrate it to the Sales processes too. Sales users who are already using Zoom should be able to to use it to operate on their CRM too.
This is when I came across Zoom bots. I will go through details below regarding what actually is a Zoom bot. So to give the Sales user an ease of working on their CRM without leaving the already-logged-in Zoom app, I developed a Zoom bot through which user can work with a CRM application via Zoom chat.

In this post I will explaining about my Zoom bot and how I integrated with a CRM application(I am using SFDC here). I will be explaining a high level general overview of building a Zoom bot and how it can be deployed via a CI/CD pipeline. Hope this will also help you on building your own Zoom bot.

The post can be found here: https://amlanscloud.com/zoombot
Also here is a short video showing the bot in action: https://youtu.be/823fzNxCGgk

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