AWS CLI Series — How to use CloudFormation

We all love to work with command line right? At least I love the ease of just opening a console and write a command to accomplish a task. I agree it may seem overwhelming at first but once we get used to it, a command line is our friend. To extend on that I am coming up with multiple posts to walk through some basic frequently used commands using which various AWS services can be controlled or managed. Yes AWS provides a whole command line only experience through which all of the AWS services can be managed. When I started learning AWS and wanted to run the CLI commands I struggled to understand the commands from the documentation and had to do lot of trial and errors to finally make them work. So I am planning to write these series of posts for such beginners who are trying to learn the CLI way of doing things on AWS.

This post is first of many more posts where I will describe how to perform some basic management functions on various AWS services. In each post I will pick up an AWS service and provide a step by step guide to show how the service can be managed from command line.

Details of the post can be found here: