Deploy a Custom Resource using Cloudformation: A Conversational CRM (SFDC) using Amazon Connect and Lex & Deployed via Terraform and Cloudformation

I have been working on implementing CRM applications for most of my career. All the CRM applications which I have worked with have a common pattern for access where users login to the application and then look through stuff to find what they need to work on. So I thought why not streamline that process a little bit. With current boom in AI, why not add some AI flavor to the CRM application.

So I came up with this solution to have a Conversational interface for the CRM where one can get info from the CRM just like chatting with someone. Makes it interesting for the user to interact with the application too. In this post I am describing the solution which I built to give a conversational interface to Salesforce application. Also while at it, I cover steps about deploying Infrastructure using Terraform and Jenkins. Hope it will be a good learning for some of you.

A demo of this in action can be found below:

For more details: