Deploy a REACT app with Flask API backend on Kubernetes Cluster — Part 1

Recently I started learning React Framework for web development. I really like how easy it is to build a frontend using the Component pattern in React. If you don’t know what React is, it is a frontend web development framework developed by Facebook. It really simplifies the way how frontend is built. So while learning this I thought why not have a post on a react app deployment.

When it comes to deployment, why not on Kubernetes, the most used system to deploy and manage containerized applications. This post will give you the knowledge to easily deploy an app built using React framework connected to a backend API built on Flask using Python. This will be actually a series of two posts since the process is too long to fit in one post. Both of the posts together should give you a good understanding of the app deployment on Kubernetes cluster using Jenkins.

You can read the whole post here:

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