How to Build a Whatsapp Bot: Build Whatsapp as a channel for Amazon Connect using Lex

Recently I have been playing around with whatsapp API to learn some aspects of it. So I thought what better way to learn more about the API than using that in an actual project. So I planned to build a Whatsapp bot which uses Whatsapp API and Amazon Lex, Amazon Connect. This bot enables communication to Amazon connect via a new custom communication channel namely Whatsapp. Basically this will enable someone to communicate to Amazon connect agent simply from whatsapp. I think this will also provide a good learning for someone to use Amazon Lex and Amazon connect APIs. Here I will explain the overall workings of the bot and the deployment approach for various components of the whole bot architecture. This bot involves the below components using which the whole architecture is built:

  • Whatsapp API (via Twilio API)

A demo of the bot can be found at below links:

More details about this can be found here:



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