How to Convert a React App to a Mobile app and Persist session cookies using React-Native Webview or a PWA

Amlan Chakladar
2 min readAug 30, 2020

In this post I am switching gears from my general cloud technology posts towards a bit of app development. Recently while I was working on one of my side projects, developing a React app, I faced an issue to persist the cookies on the app when opened on mobile. I wanted to convert the React app to an installable android app and provide a persistent login for the user. I didn’t want to develop a whole new app for mobile using React Native and just re-use the React web app which I built, as an app on mobile.

In this post I will be going through the process and steps which I followed to make it work for me. I figured this may help someone having similar issue. These are the parts I will be covering in this post:

Convert the React web app to a mobile app using React-Native and Webview (I will cover an Android app)

- Handle Cookies from Webview
Convert the React web app to an installable PWA(Progressive Web Application) via TWA(Trusted Web Activity)

- Handle cookies in the PWA/TWA

More details can be found on my post here:



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