How to deploy an AWS ECS Cluster with AWS CDK (in GoLang) and Deploying a Streamlit-OpenAI App to the cluster

Amlan Chakladar
20 min readAug 25, 2023

Nowadays everything is getting an AI flavor to them. So it is becoming more important to be able to properly deploy AI apps and be able to define the infrastructure for such apps. I found that AWS CDK is a very useful infrastructure-as-code (IaaC) tool provided by AWS, which makes it very easy to deploy the infrastructure to AWS. So I created this blog post to help someone start learning AWS CDK and how to use it to deploy infrastructure to AWS.

In this blog post, we’ll follow step by step, using AWS CDK and create an ECS cluster tailored to hosting our Streamlit-OpenAI app. We will see how we can use CDK to not only deploy ECS but the whole infrastructure to support the Streamlit app which uses OpenAI API. The Streamlit framework provides an intuitive way to build interactive web applications for data science and machine learning, while the OpenAI API empowers our app with state-of-the-art natural language processing capabilities.

The GitHub repo for this post can be found at

If you want to follow along, the repo can be cloned and the code files can be used to stand up your own infrastructure.

Pre Requisites

Before I start the walkthrough, there are some some pre-requisites which are good to have if you want to follow along or want to try this on your own:

  • Basic AWS knowledge
  • Github account to follow along with Github actions
  • An AWS account
  • Some knowledge of Golang as the CDK scripts are in Golang
  • If you are following along for Golang, the GoLang need to be installed
  • Understand what is OpenAI and how the API works for inferences
  • Latest npm version installed

With that out of the way, lets dive into the details.

What is CDK



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